SAAS Healthcare Financial Model —

Financial model for the SAAS-based global platform that will match patients with high-quality doctors, clinics, and hospitals globally.

In a new startup environment, storytelling about the future outlook never stops. It keeps on changing contexts and taking different dimensions with each passing day. Through an effective integrated SaaS HealthCare financial model, it’s easy for a company to tell its story. In the case of a startup, even without the operational history, a SaaS Health Care financial model helps persuade investors about the promising future of the company. It also serves as a guide in the course of smart decision-making about the future direction of the company.

The health care industry is being revolutionized, with many new approaches being introduced in the industry at a very fast pace. One such approach is the use of technology to connect patients with health care providers by using online platforms. In this regard, we were approached by a client who wanted to develop an SAAS-based global platform that will match patients with high-quality doctors, clinics, and hospitals globally.

The client’s primary revenue model is to charge monthly subscription fees. The B2C platform will provide freemium service and features based on monthly subscription fees. Therefore hospitals, sole practitioners, or clinics — B2B clients — will be charged a subscription fee. Furthermore, the fee will vary based on whether the client is a sole practitioner, small practice, or a large hospital.

The client wanted us to analyze the financial viability of the idea. Additionally, the client needed the valuation of the business. Moreover, the client also wanted a complete analysis of the costs and the division of costs into fixed and variable categories. The company was also interested in knowing how much time it would take for the initial investment to be recovered. Coupled with these requirements, the client wanted us to forecast the future assumptions with precision and accuracy. In addition, the company wanted the assumptions to be flexible enough to incorporate future changes.


The objective of a Healthcare SaaS financial model is to present a realistic view of the situation. Its emphasis is to show that as founding members, the team has a complete command of the situation. This is necessary, as it will be having a direct impact on the future success or failure of the company. A convincing plan for executing ideas successfully is at the core of financial decision-making. We developed a SaaS Health Care financial model for the client’s B2B/B2C platform. All things considered, the financial model we developed included the following tabs.

The dashboard included B2C and B2B marketing efforts output. It also included monthly fee, discounts, and additional services results.

Various SAAS KPI charts were included in the model.

Including financial statements is a prerequisite for the preparation of a SaaS HealthCare financial model. So, we included the summarized financial statements in the model.

The model included top revenue and expenses items.

Churn tables

Finally, the churn rates were included in a separate sheet for B2C and B2B clients.

Being an entrepreneur, it is important to have a well-built financial model.

If you have any questions about building a SaaS Health Care financial model, feel free to write it in the comments or con



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