How to Start a Juice Bar — Ultimate guide

Start my own juice bar

First: Choose your Juice Bar type

Start Planning

Second: Develop a business plan

  • Market research
  • Development perspectives
  • Investment prediction as well as monthly spending
  • Profit and money return calculation.

Third: Build a marketing strategy

  • Choose the name that stands out
  • Work on the logo, to look catchy on the staff’s uniform, cups, packages, and counter
  • Design the vivid sign
  • Make your menu unique
  • Start an Instagram account for the promotion
  • Establish special deals and loyalty program
  • Packaging matters! Make it unique and branded to draw customer’s attention.
  • Offer a kids’ menu, to expand the target audience.
  • Work on keeping the menu organic and diverse
  • One juice bar is good. Try opening more around the city.

Find a Right Location & Menu

Forth: Decide on a Juice Bar location

Fifth: Set up the perfect juice bar menu

Buy Equipment & Hire Employees

Six: Purchase equipment for your juice bar

  • Multifunctional juicer/food processor
  • Automatic fruit and vegetable peeler
  • Refrigerators
  • Ice machine
  • Blenders/shakers/tableware
  • Showcases
  • Bar counter
  • Cash register
  • Closet to store inventory

Seventh: Find the Right Employees and Hire

Calculate the cost of your juice bar

  • Multifunctional juicer/food processor $500 — $1500 per item
  • Automatic fruit and vegetable peeler $50 — $100 per item
  • Refrigerator $1000 — $1500 per item
  • Ice machine $2000 — $3000 per item
  • Blenders/shakers $200 — $400 per item
  • Hardware point of sale (tablet, credit card reader, cash drawer, printer) $1000 — $1500
  • Software point of sale $20 — $60 monthly
  • Tableware $500 — $1000 monthly
  • Rent $1000 — $2500 monthly
  • Ingredient supplement $3000 — $5000
  • 2 employee salaries $7.50 — $9 per hour ($2500 — $3000)
  • Total $12000 — $20000

Nine: Financial projection and profit forecast

Think about both pros and cons of starting a juice bar

Ten: Think about both pros and cons of starting a juice bar

  • Rapid payback and high benefit. Statistics show that it is possible to get a full initial investment payback and reach a steady income.
  • Strong demand. Juices and smoothies are a rescue in the hot summer and vitamin restoration in winter. (This has to do with a multi-seasonal juice bar).
  • The juice and smoothie quality directly depend on the quality of fruit and vegetables you choose, the price of those differs from season to season, which makes the cost of freshly squeezed juice higher than a regular pack one can find in a store.
  • Rises in the price of ingredients, fallible suppliers, and bad location choices.



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