How to Open a Wine Store — Ultimate guide

How to open a Wine Store

Since ancient times, wine has been elevated to a cult. It was considered a sacred beverage, and the process of its preparation was accompanied by songs and numerous rituals.

If you are a big lover of exquisite alcohol, particularly wine, you should consider connecting your life to such a pleasant occupation as opening a wine store.

If you’ve finally decided that wine is what you want to do with your life, here are some tips to help your business stay afloat and in a strong position.

Every customer wants to feel special. Give people that opportunity. Be attentive and reverent to each customer, the service should be polite and informative. Show the customer how much passion and love you have for wine. Create and develop a discount system. Arrange regular prize drawings. Introduce the possibility of wine degustation, so that the customer can make an accurate decision about his/her choice and leave your store with satisfaction.

Have a strategy for your business development

Opening a wine store can be a very profitable business as well as the cause of bankruptcy. It’s a thorny road, but if you do it right, you’ll find yourself on the top of Olympus in the business world.

In order to be in a winning position, you should have a business plan that clearly outlines all your activities from the initial investment to the first profit. In order to look into the future of your business, you do not need the services of a fortune teller, you just need a financial model, which will construct and recreate a picture of your business in detail and help to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

It will help you to work out all the little details and close the gaps. If you want to succeed in the business world, you just need a financial model. Remember that any business is all about assessing the profitability of an investment and strict planning.

Choose the ideal location

It is very important for a wine store to have a favorable location. It can be a secluded corner that many people should know about. Make an emphasis on mystery and privacy, because wine is so intimate. People turn to it in their moments of weakness, to melt into it without a trace.

If you manage to find an underground room, you can implement the idea of creating a “wine cellar”, that is, your goods will be underground. This will create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue for potential customers. Your store should be located in a place where a lot of people live. You should not rent or buy space in settlements with a small percentage of the population. Remember that wine is not a product of prime necessity, which means that it will not be bought en masse in small towns.

A big city is the best option for you. During holidays and important events, a lot of people buy wine, so you will have a good chance of getting a large flow of customers on such days.

Have a creative approach to interior design

Work out every detail of the interior of your store. It should be a pleasant place to be, not a butcher shop, but a place where they sell the drink of the gods. Give preference to dim lighting, any wine should be stored in a dark place. The semi-darkness will also create a special mood, and help you to relax in the foretasting of buying and drinking an amazing beverage.

Use wood as the main material. It will look very harmonious with bottles of wine, wood also gives a nice fragrance. You can use scented candles or diffusers in order to decorate and improve the space. Purchase a large, backlit stand for the most expensive and elite wines on it. It will attract the attention of customers.

For a creative design, dive into the history or mythology. For example, hang a picture of Dionysus, the ancient Greek god and patron saint of winemaking, on the wall. It will make your store a temple to the service of wine. You can also use a sculpture. You should have wine catalogs so that the customer can get acquainted with the assortment and prices. It’s a good idea to put a brief history and general information about each kind of wine. Arrange beautiful and comfortable furniture that people can sit on.

The comfort of your customers should be a priority for you.

Original name is a half of success

Since you have decided to sell wine, you should choose an appropriate name for your store. It should reflect the whole essence of your idea. A long name is unlikely to work, but something short, but intriguing and enticing is going to be nice.

One more time, you can turn to ancient Greek mythology or the age of antiquity for help. Some sayings in Latin or another language are appropriate. Study the history of winemaking in-depth, it may inspire you. Also, think about creating your own logo, it will only benefit you. There are a lot of artworks that are about wine.

Perhaps you can find a piece in a painting and change it slightly to create a unique and interesting logo. Avoid being too flashy, but don’t make it too pale either. It should be noticeable and eye-catching. If you’re not sure of your own ideas, ask logo makers for help.

Elaborate a promotion and advertising plan

Quality advertising plays a significant role in the promotion of any business. Think about what your store has that others do not. Why should customers use your services? Maybe your service is top-notch? Or a wide assortment? Or maybe the value for money? In any case, you should emphasize the strengths of your business and convincingly communicate this to a large audience.

Use Internet websites for promotion. Use the services of an experienced and creative marketing specialist.

Be honest with your potential customers, better bring your service to a perfect state to meet your own and others’ expectations.

Carefully select the range of products

Today’s wine producers offer us a wide range of drinks. First of all, you need to become an expert in this field in order to choose only high-quality goods. Study the information, communicate directly with producers and suppliers.

Some of the best wines are considered to be French and Italian. Study the market of these countries, compare prices and quality. The assortment of your wines should be wide, to satisfy the needs of each of your customers.

Dry, sweet, semi-sweet, fortified, red, white, rose, sparkling, and even orange wines — all of them must be present on the shelves of your store if you want to have success.

Trade not only luxurious, expensive wine, but also mid-priced wine, otherwise you risk losing customers. Study a list of the most popular brands and buy their products. An additional bonus for your store is going to be an opportunity to buy a tasty snack for wine. Study wine combinations with different foods and include the latter in your list of products. It could be different kinds of cheeses, chocolates, fruit, canapés, or seafood.

Set up your own wine production

It takes a lot of investment and effort to make your own wine. If you are mentally and financially ready for it, why not take the risk? It will open up new opportunities, you will be able to promote your brand on your own. You will be able to independently market your products or attract investors to develop this business. Searching for partners can also help you to enter the world market. The main thing is to have a passion for what you do. With persistence and diligence, you have all the chances to achieve great success.

Act within the law

The sale of alcohol is strictly regulated by state laws. You must have a license from the relevant authorities. Without it, you have no right to sell alcoholic beverages. Do not sell products to under-aged persons. If your country has a time limit on the sale of alcohol, strictly adhere to it.

Surround yourself with a professional team

Recruitment is a very important and responsible step because the success of your company will depend on the work of the team. Look for communicative and responsible people who are ready to work for the result.

Pay attention to those who have experience in advertising and sales, such people can be of great benefit to your business. Set a specific goal and voice the requirements.

Your staff should work in a well-coordinated and high quality. Encourage your employees. Introduce newcomers to the business, you can even give special training or coaching



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