How to Open a Toy Store — Ultimate guide

Developing a business plan

The financial model will help you assess your chances of success.

With its help, you will make the most accurate approximate calculations and know the amount of your expenses. With such a clear strategy, you will greatly increase your chances of success. The sooner your business plan is ready, the sooner you can start implementing your plans.

Choosing a location and a premise

A very good option would be a location near the children’s hospital, so parents have the opportunity to please their sick children with a new toy and cheer them up. If you want to buy a premise, it is better not to save money and buy immediately high-quality in a good and solid building.

Renting in older buildings will cost less. but think about whether you want to take the risk, because you may have to make a cosmetic or global repair at your own expense. In addition, dilapidated buildings are dangerous to the life and health of the staff and visitors, and in a children’s toy store often come mothers with small children, so you should not put their lives in danger.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Name the store attractively

Everyone knows that children adore cartoons, you can be guided by this. Use the name of a cartoon character, add a little detail or change its shape, it’s not difficult. In any case, the name should evoke positive emotions and make children happy.

Besides, with an original name it will be easier to make advertising. You can also create a logo that is gonna decorate the main idea of your store and makes it more attractive to other people. We recommend you to find a specialist who can elaborate a creative design especially for your concept.

Staff search

Personal qualities such as responsibility, punctuality, smiling, openness, dreaminess and a good imagination are welcome. The employee should know well the range of products and be able to offer the goods to the customer or help a confused child with the choice of a toy.

There is no fundamental difference between men and women for this position. Both sexes can get along great with children, so get rid of the prejudice that women do it better because of their maternal instinct. If candidates have experience working with children or sales, that’s a great bonus.

Rich assortment

From the very youngest to middle school age. Babies love rattles and toys which develop fine motor skills. Older children like utensils, cars, animals and dolls. The more toy options you give your customers, the more likely they are to come back to you. As you know, children are very inventive, they can make up some toy, and if there is something like that in your store, you have a chance to sell that product.

Keep an eye on product quality

Bright, beautiful, easy to clean — these toys have a lot of advantages. But the disadvantages of a low-quality plastic toy significantly outweigh its advantages.

A safe plastic toy should be cool and firm to the touch. Smell the toy before buying. If a sharp unpleasant odor leaves it, it probably contains phenol in its composition, constant contact with which can lead to problems with the child’s health (liver, kidney function, severe allergies).

List of components hazardous to a child that may be contained in plastic toys: phthalates, toluene, phenol, polyvinyl chloride, xylem. For a toy to be useful for a child, it must be appropriate for the child’s age and height. For a small child, both too large and heavy toys and very small toys are dangerous.

Age restrictions on the packaging or label of a toy are important information. Children are usually very fond of toys with sound: dolls, phones, cars. But most low-quality toys have a noise level that is unacceptable for a child’s ear. The maximum that a toy can produce should not exceed 65 decibels.

But even if everything is in order with the volume, pediatricians do not recommend playing with such toys for more than half an hour a day — this is too serious a load on children’s hearing and psyche.

Supplier search

To be successful in business, you need to put in a lot of effort to grow it, but that’s not all. You must sincerely love your business, invest your time, energy and financial resources in it. This is very important if you want to receive feedback in the form of love and gratitude from your customers. What you give back to you is doubled. Take care of your customers and satisfy their needs and desires, then people will be supportive of you and give preference to your store when choosing a gift for their child.

Advertising your business



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