How to Open a Social Network — Ultimate guide

Narrow Your Idea

Craft Your Business Plan

  • Strengths. What can your social networking site offer that you feel no one else can? This goes back to the niche that you’ve chosen. Be sure to do your research and examine the trends, industry growth, and people’s patterns and habits.
  • Weaknesses. Where can you make improvements within your business model? Are there any resources you don’t have? Once you answer these, you can fill in those gaps to ensure a more successful online experience.
  • Opportunities. What are they? Are there any social media trends or fads that you can capitalize upon? What is popular, and where is there a lack? How can you take your research of the social networking industry and turn them into strengths that you implement within your business?
  • Threats. Are there threats present, especially in the form of competition? What are experts saying about the growth of your particular industry in the next ten years? Again, answer those questions to safeguard yourself against any business failures. You will want to avoid starting up a social network that is based only in the short-term.

Make Your Preparations

Consider Your Design

  • “Like” or “favorite” content
  • Post reactions
  • Post comments
  • Upload photos or videos
  • Tag other people, either in photos, videos, or comments
  • Set a geographic location
  • Secure privacy settings
  • Form groups or interest boards
  • Send and receive messages

Launch Your Platform

Market Yourself



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