How to Open a Pet Supply Store — Ultimate guide

Plan your business

Creating a business plan and a financial model, which are indispensable companions of any successful entrepreneur, will help you with this.

It’s a great and working way to assess your chances and opportunities. With the help of this model you will understand where to prioritize your first investments and after what time you will be able to see the first result.

It is a kind of virtual program that shows you the future you will soon find yourself in. Many aspiring entrepreneurs often make the mistake of investing finances. They get their priorities wrong and lose large sums of money. The financial model exists to prevent you from making fatal mistakes and coming out a winner in your business.

Premise and location

The main mistake many entrepreneurs make is to take the first opportunity to get space in any shopping center. Before doing so, a detailed and thorough analysis must be made of how attendable and profitable the store is. It is important to consider qualitative and quantitative indicators.

It is not recommended to be located on the outskirts of the city. The best place is downtown or a heavily populated area. In a place where there are a lot of people, there will always be a higher demand for various kinds of services. Many people have pets, so your store will definitely appeal to many people.

Premise should preferably be in a modern building with a beautiful facade that overlooks a busy part of the street. Also an important factor for successful trade is the availability of parking and access roads, because if it is not convenient to get to the point of sale, many customers will find it a substitute.Shape also plays a role in the pace and number of sales. The most successful room is rectangular in shape. It will be much more convenient for customers to consider the entire assortment of the store.

Interior Design

It is important to choose the right ergonomic counters. The more convenient it is to view the product, the better it sells. Before you decide which concept to choose as a whole in the design, it is worth looking closely at the main popular interior styles. They are varied, sometimes it is difficult to stop at one thing.

Designers in this case recommend evaluating the time and money costs, read information about the styles, and go on trips to competitors’ stores. Then the choice will be much easier to make. Mixed style, it’s like a rainbow, gathers the best ideas and plays with different colors. And such an interior has proven itself in pet supply stores. But everything is good in moderation. Excessive fondness for variegated colors will make the store pretentious. In such an interior would quickly tire the eyes.

It is better to take a basic pastel tone to create a general background. Against such a background, bright colors of packaging and multicolored labels will work perfectly.

Name and Logo

As for the logo, it must be associated with animals. You can use some cute body parts to create it. For example, a fluffy tail or dog paw prints. It has been proven that people are influenced by cute images, and pets are objects of admiration and adoration for many people.

Advertising & Promotion

You have a valuable advantage because your store is connected with pets, because people simply adore them. One of the best solutions is to create and promote your own website, which will contain all the information about the range and prices of your store.

You will also be able to make sales online, for example, in case of quarantine or other emergencies.

Kind and loving staff

It is very cool if you find a candidate with a veterinary degree, then you can provide medical care right in your store. The service should be polite and unobtrusive, and there should certainly be no boorishness or disrespect for a customer.

Experience in service or sales is welcome. We want to say right away that defining the effectiveness of a salesperson by gender is an outdated stereotype. Do not discriminate on the basis of gender or age when hiring. Do not turn down the experience of a person if he has no work experience, give him the opportunity to prove himself, perhaps it is this employee will play an important role in increasing the sales of your business.

Assortment and services

As for the assortment, it should be diverse. Since there are many kinds of pets, you must have pet supplies for each of them.

For example, for dogs you need collars, leashes, toys, bowls, toy bones, vitamins, and food. For parrots, you need cages, bells, organic greens, and grains. Fish need aquariums and food. In addition, we need hygiene products for dogs and cats. Shampoos, combs, parasite remedies, various ointments, antihistamines, toilet fillers, sawdust or sand.

The most popular pet products today are feed. Pet food should be as healthy and balanced as possible. The wider the range of feed and supplements, the better.

Showing your love and respect for each customer is considered to be a good tone among entrepreneurs.

You need to regularly make nice surprises for visitors and arrange discounts on your products and services. This will raise your rating and attract even more attention to your store.

Remember that people and animals can sense falsity, so you must genuinely love your business and pets, otherwise you should not be in this business.

Give people discounts that they can use to get discounts or win something in your shop. The most important thing is your sincere intentions and desire to help every animal and their owner to choose quality products at a reasonable price.

Your kindness will return to you in the form of recognition and love of customers, as well as monetary gain.

Search for suppliers

Since your assortment consists of different kinds of goods, you will have to work hard to find all you need. You need to find sources for veterinary medicines, food, hygiene products, toys and other things. These all fall into different product categories and have different suppliers.

Look for firms that are willing to offer you favorable conditions for you. You should not work at a loss, buying low-quality goods in bulk at a high price.

Because some of your goods are for internal use, such as food and medicine, they must be subject to strict inspection. The lives and health of pets depend directly on the quality of the products.

Products must have quality certificates, which confirm their safety for use. Always ask your suppliers for all the necessary documents and warranties. You have to value the health of each client.



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