How to Open a Nail Salon — Ultimate guide

How to open a successful Nail Salon

Any business must develop and improve the quality of service to avoid stagnation. Nail service also continues to evolve, there are new techniques and ways to create manicures, new options for decoration, new materials are created.

Masters who want to keep up with the times and always be in demand need to develop and learn regularly. There are refresher courses that every self-respecting specialist should take. You as the owner of the salon should take control of this issue.Obligate your employees to improve their professional skills. You will be able to expand your team and earn more money.

A high level of skill and quality is what every customer wants.

You should have no equal in your business. We wish you luck and development. With a strong desire and diligence you can reach any heights and make your business as developed and useful as possible. Believe in yourself and your strength, as well as in your team, because the success and reputation of your salon depends on their work.

The nail service market is characterized by a high level of competition.

Manicure salons are presented in different formats and territories: in every shopping center, in the city center, residential areas, and even at the homes of private masters. Despite the high level of competition in the market, the niche of specialized nail salons is not filled to the end. If you live in a small town, you should know those who are the strongest in terms of the nail business.

You should find out where your competitors buy materials, how they look for workers, and how they attract clients. This information can come in handy for you to grow your business.

Make a business plan

With its help you will be easier to understand all the details and nuances. In addition, there is also a financial model or financial plan, which is designed so that you can manage your finances more effectively.

You will be able to determine the amount of profit in advance, without making an investment. It’s very convenient, fast and forward-looking.

Location choice

Do not open a nail salon on the outskirts or out of town, where demand is not as high, and the population is much smaller. Proceed from rational principles, you have to have customers, so always act in your best interest.

To open your own salon, you will need good premises. It doesn’t have to be very large, but it must be spacious and comfortable enough.

The important point is to have plenty of light, so it is desirable that the room has large windows facing the sunny side. Manicure is a very painstaking work that requires great attention to the smallest details, so the master must have good visibility. To start you can rent a small and not very expensive room, the main thing is that it was a good repair and has all the necessary conditions for quality and productive work.

Purchase of materials and equipment

You need gel lacquers, bases and coatings, cuticle oils and removers, materials for nail extensions, strengthening products. Of the equipment you should buy lamps, tools for hardware manicure and pedicure, scissors, files, orange sticks, nail tweezers,pumice stone and so on.

For decoration you should buy additional accessories, such as rhinestones, glitter and stickers. The palette of colored gel nail polish should be varied. The more colors, the more interesting and bright combinations the master can create and the more clients will be happier.

With the growing popularity of nail salons, the market for manicure supplies is developing. In this regard, there is a huge number of little-known and not always high-quality suppliers. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with the brands of professional goods to buy quality supplies.

Compliance with sanitary norms

During manicure, it is very easy to get an infection, damage the nail plate or soft tissue. The consequence of the master’s negligence can be fungus or onycholysis. These are serious diseases that bring discomfort and aesthetic disorders. All tools must be carefully treated and sterilized.

Sterility is the main rule.

If the client has cuts or wounds, it is better to postpone the manicure procedure. The use of substandard or expired materials can also lead to unfortunate consequences.

Manicurists must wear gloves and a protective mask that protects the respiratory tract from dust particles that are produced as a result of sawing the nail plate.

An important requirement: the nail service technician must be healthy and free of skin and venereal problems, as well as fungal infections. These diseases can be transmitted to the client.

Staff recruitment

Give preference to masters with experience, having a portfolio that contains photos of work is welcome.

Also, the master must have an education, confirming that the person was trained and became a master of nail service. Professionalism and a responsible attitude to work are the most important qualities for candidates. Politeness and punctuality are also very much appreciated.This job requires an ability to understand people.

All clients are different, and when they come to you, they will express their mood, character traits, and sometimes the consequences of events that happened before they met you.

A true manicurist uses his knowledge and skills at the right moment depending on what kind of client is in front of him and what kind of nails he/she has. His/her manicure skills include classic, European, hardware and even spa manicure techniques. He is also fluent in nail extension techniques.

Manicure masters are subtle psychologists.

In parallel with the performance of their direct duties it is necessary to create a favorable psychological environment: to chat with one client, to listen to the second, and with the third just to sit in silence.

Business promotion

The word-of-mouth method is very old, but effective.

The most modern and relevant is considered a promotion in social networks. You can use Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Twitter and other platforms.

You can even create your own website! One of the most working ways to get more clients is to buy ads for your profile on social networks. If you gain a client’s trust, she will visit you regularly, whereas other areas of the beauty industry can only dream of this.

To please your customers you need to make regular discounts. For example, before the holidays the prices for services usually increase, and you can lower them, then you will have a crowd of customers.

It’s a good idea to do discounts before the International Women’s Day, New Year, Valentine’s Day and so on. Find out your clients’ birthdays and offer them a free or very cheap manicure the day before.

Set up raffles on your social media account. Winners can get the service as a gift or at a big discount.



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