How to Open a Gym — Ultimate guide

How to start a Gym

Franchise or your own Gym?

  • buy an existing gym or fitness club,
  • a franchise of a famous brand;
  • independently organize and develop a business.
  • Each of the options is imperfect and does not promise big profits in a short time, bypassing problems. When an entrepreneur buys a ready-made gym, he visually evaluates what he buys. That is, he sees the state of the premises and equipment. He can pick up all the documents on running a business and see tax and accounting reports, determine the profitability of the project, etc. This is how a general idea of the existing gym is formed.

Drawbacks of a franchise.

How much does it cost?

Where should you start in this case?

Calculate the finances.

Find an attractive location.

Do not forget about design.



500+ Financial Model Templates—

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