How to Open a Food Truck — Ultimate guide

How to start a Food Truck

Pick your concept.

People today are quite into travelling, so there is a high chance they will be ready for something exotic, or organic, or a remake of a traditional dish they loved in their childhood. Just take your time to consider what taste is missing in your city.

Financial planning works wonders.

Business requires investing, so all you need is to thoroughly plan future expenses and predict the income to know what to expect. Business plan is also the document you would present to potential investors, so it is important to lay out your vision and financial plan carefully.

  • An Executive Summary includes the goals and expectations of your business. Share what kind of food you want to sell and why that is your choice.
  • A Market Analysis explains your target audience and your ideas on winning their attention.
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies present your advertising plan, tactics and strategies to awaken the interest to your own food truck.
  • An Organization and Management Plan presents the internal structure here to show the organization and the level of preparation.
  • A Product Line Description with the main menu details, include the seasonal offerings as well.
  • A Financial Projection. Here you can present the whole picture of your 5-year financial prediction, with detailed changes that might occur.
  • A Funding Request that describes the source of your funds and definite sums your business requires.

Buy a Food Truck.

Depending on the size and stuffing structure it may cost from $3,000 for a secondhand trailer to as much as $200,000 for a new truck. Investing in a quality food truck from the beginning minimizes your risk of repairing in the future.

  • Hot and cold water
  • Fire extinguishers and first aid kits
  • Proper size storage

Hire staff

The step of hiring staff is as important as listing and choosing equipment, as they directly affect the average check and the revenue respectively. Starting a food truck concept requires at least 2 people to start, so make sure they are trained well to be perfect ambassadors of you and your business.

Purchase equipment and supplies.

The next step is to fill your space with the equipment. These items will be essential for producing and keeping your truck efficient. Make sure your concept is well thought beforehand so you wouldn’t have any extra expenses on the way,

  • Warming and Holding Equipment
  • Food Prep Equipment
  • Serving Equipment
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Janitorial Equipment

Work on the brand and recognition.

When you have your truck and your location ready, the last but not least is promoting your truck. Using Facebook and Instagram is a great way to target your local community and help potential customers find your business.



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