Hair and Beauty Salon Financial plan Sample Excel: How to launch the Beauty Salon Business?

Beauty Salon Business Plan Financial Model Excel Template

Background story

Why was planning important?

It is a financial compass to any of businessman’s initiatives.

What was the client’s vision?

What financials is the client expected to be calculated?

Business is no different from an organism.

  • Cash flow management marking the company’s liquidity;
  • Income statement showing the costs and revenues at which the business will be done;
  • Balance sheet with the weighed assumptions of the assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity;
  • IRR calculations help to assume whether to proceed with the desired business.
  • Sales and revenue assumptions (dependent on the months to plateau and on the increase in the salon’s occupancy, working hours per month, and jobs per day);
Top Revenue for the Salon
  • Core expenses (sales of French shampoos, Italian soap, Indian ointments, Korean cream-masks);
  • Expense assumptions (for salaries of stylists and receptionists, for salon’s maintenance);
Top Expenses for the Salon
  • Fixed and variable expenses for the HQ and for the chain of salons (electricity bills, advertising campaigns, magazines on the tables);
  • CAPEX (interior decoration, technology costs);
Development Expenses for the Salon
  • Debt and inventory assumptions (the number of loans, shipping, and storage costs);
  • Capitalization table
Capitalization Table for the Salon



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