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  • Zaytuna


    SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist at Peklo Studio

  • Sah Kilic

    Sah Kilic

    I talk so much, I figured I should write some of it down. Level up with me: 💪 http://sah.substack.com

  • Aleksey Savkin

    Aleksey Savkin

    CEO at BSC Designer, author of 10 Step KPI System

  • Anna Samygina

    Anna Samygina

    is a rising Interior Designer. UAL Chelsea graduate. With this blog she tries to identify how to embrace nature and manmade world under one roof. Annafiora.com

  • Johnathan Zhuang

    Johnathan Zhuang

    Tech entrepreneur, side hustler, curious cat, recovering insomniac. Ignited by ideas, fuelled by artistry. Hangs out at https://iamjz.com

  • Lukáš Křivka

    Lukáš Křivka

    Consultant at Apify

  • Nate Sztrum

    Nate Sztrum

    Early-stage VC | Enterprise Investor

  • Aman Verjee

    Aman Verjee

    Former C-suite at PayPal, Sonos, eBay. Now general partner & founder at Practical VC, a secondary venture capital fund.

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