Daycare Business Plan Financial Model

How To Start A Daycare?

Core assumptions on the top left of the Dashboard tab

nursery (1–15 months), junior toddlers (15–30 months), senior toddlers (24–36 months), pre-kindy (30–36 months) and kindergarten (36–60 months).

For setting up the business, Mr. Smith needs to rent a house, hire child care professionals trained in early learning programs, and calculate the overall daycare startup cost. Only after that, Mr. Smith can start looking for funding from an investor or lender, interested in a profitable startup idea. But how to prove that his business is worth lendable funds?

The core tab of the model is called DASHBOARD
Daycare Business Plan Financial model KPI benchmark
All daycare business plan financial model calculations are here
3 financial statements: Income Statement
3 financial statements: Cash Flow
3 financial statements: Balance Sheet



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